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Film writers – does the industry value you?

Fill in our short survey hereĀ 

Survey closes Tuesday 20 September

The WGGB Film Committee has put together a short survey to gather data on film writers’ experiences at various stages of the development and production process.

It will take 10 minutes to fill in and will help inform WGGB’s work in addressing the issue of perceived low status of film screenwriters, compared to other professionals such as directors, and compared to other craft areas such as theatre or TV.

We want to get a snapshot of how you feel your skills are valued by your colleagues and peers as we think there is a great deal of work to be done in this area.

The survey is anonymised and we will use the data gathered to advocate and campaign for change in the industry.

Please help us in this important work by filling in the survey and sharing the link amongst your screenwriting friends and colleagues and asking them to share too. The more responses, the better picture we can build to help us plan our campaigning work.

If you have any questions contact