Whovians Arise to join the fight for the BBC

WGGB joined other Federation of Entertainment Union members, fans and former Dr Who stars including Peter Davison at a Whovians Arise event (see slideshow, above) outside BBC Broadcasting House on Monday 23 November 2015 (Dr Who’s 52nd birthday), to show support for the corporation that has produced this globally successful show since 1963, as it faces charter renewal.

Peter Davison, who played the fifth Doctor Who (from 1981-1984), said: “It’s very easy, as with the National Health Service, to take things for granted. The BBC pumps an amazing amount of entertainment into our homes for an amazingly small amount of money. It’s the cost of a good cup of coffee from one of our finer tax-avoiding coffee shops on the high street. If the Government wants to take away popular programming, and I understand that’s what they want to do, then they undermine popular support for the BBC. And what’s going to happen to these popular programmes? Presumably someone else is going to make them and they will charge us £35 a week to watch them. We have to protect the BBC… this is something really, really precious. And once it’s gone it’s gone forever, it’s not coming back.” (Watch the video of his speech.)

Other speakers included Doctor Foster actor Bertie Carvel, who gave a passionate speech in defence of the corporation and spoke out against “sinister” Government cuts to the BBC.

The Federation of Entertainment Unions is running the BBC Love It Or Lose It campaign in support of a strong, independent and properly-funded BBC so it can carry out its duties as a public service broadcaster. Find out how you can get involved on our campaign page.

All photos: Chris Jury